Panel Fence

Panel fence, which is generally used in the form of square and rectangular, is produced in different shapes and sizes according to the wishes of our customers, and after the area arrangements are made, panels with fence mesh or braided wire are mounted on the floor or wall at equal intervals into the pre-prepared angle frame.

Panel fence is manufactured from 40*40 or 50*50 angle iron and frame iron in desired dimensions. Wire mesh iron, panel fence mesh or fence wire are optionally mounted inside the frame. Poles 50*50 2mm. It is made of box profile. Panel fence is a highly preferred type of fence with its on-site assembly and the ability to be produced in desired colors.



Product Code: MG 500

Box Profile Pole or Angle


Wire Thickness: 4.00 mm / 4.30 mm / 4.50 mm / 5.00 mm

Aperture: 50×150 mm / 50×200 mm

Clamp + Ball Head Bolt + Nut

Panel Width: 2000 mm / 2500 mm

Panel Height : 1000 mm / 1200 mm / 1500 mm / 17000 mm / 2000 mm

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